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"If I was an aspiring wrestler in the UK, the VPW training school is the only place I'd choose to train..."


WWE Superstar & NXT Trainer


"VPW is unquestionably the best school around bar none!

UK Kid was trained by two of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace a pair of boots (Shawn Michaels & Dory Funk) and he just 'gets' the business. I can't say that about alot of guys."


Former WWE Superstar & Tough Enough Trainer

VPW School Of Excellence is world renowned for producing and developing top talent. Lead by Head trainer, The UK Kid, the VPW School of Excellence has gone from strength to strength in educating and moulding the next generation of wrestling superstars in the art of sports entertainent. With a career spanning over 15 years, the UK Kid has trained and fought at some of the finest wrestling academies on offer, including:


  • The Texas Wrestling Academy, run by WWE Legend Shawn Michaels
  • Dory Funk Jr.'s "Funkin' Conservatory", who have trained such talents as WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Christian, The Hardy Boys, Lita and many more
  • Ultimate Pro Wrestling, where the UK Kid worked with such talents as former WWE Intercontinetnal Champion The Miz and Former ECW Champion John Morrison (aka Johnny Impact)


Such experience shows, with former students including ex NXT Tag-Team Champion Oliver Grey (aka Joel Redman) and current New Japan and ROH superstar Jay White forgeing careers all across the globe. The VPW School of Excellence also boasts an impressive array of past guest trainers, including WWE Producer Fit Finlay, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Badd Ass Billy Gunn and former WWE Tag-Team Champion Hardcore Holly to name just a few.


It's clear to see that if you have the dream of becoming a professional wrestler, then the VPW School of Excellence is THE place to be!

If you would like more information about curriculum, pricing, open days or anything else related to training, please contact us using the form below and one of our colleagues will endeavour to reply at the earliest convenience.