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VPW School comes highly recommended - "Quote"

          Kip JAMES : "If I was an aspiring wrestler in the UK, the VPW training school is the only place I'd choose to train..."   

          Bob HOLLY : "VPW is unquestionably the best school around bar none - Tom (UK Kid) was trained by two of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace a pair of boots (Shawn Michaels & Dory Funk) and he just 'gets' the business, I can't say that about alot of guys."


VPW School of Excellence


Varsity Pro Wrestling is proud to offer its very own facilities for training and help you build the perfect gateway into the world of professional wrestling.

Our lead Instructor "The UK KID" has been in the wrestling business over 10 years, was trained by WWE legend Shawn Michaels and WWE Hall of Famer - Dory Funk Jr.

The UK KID has taught, and has been taught in some of the worlds best schools including UPW in California giving the VPW head trainer a wide range of knowledge and experience at picking the curriculum to achieve the best results.


With regular guest trainers including former WWE stars B.G. James (Road Dogg) Kip James (Billy Gunn) D'lo Brown, Al Snow, and regular VPW guest trainer Bob Holly formerly known as Hardcore Holly, making VPW highly recommended.

No matter how good our School of Excellence is, the guest trainers we use come with years of knowledge and successful careers in the WWE and TNA including TV and Pay Per View experience to guarantee we are offering the best training possible in the UK today.


Our school is based in Fratton, Portsmouth and is accessible easily from both bus and train stations.

Each VPW class is a set class, once started no more trainee's will be allowed to join. This is to assure that every one in the class is at the same level and there are no interruptions in the training curriculum.

Before a class starts all potential trainees are required to attend a open day/try out session.This is for you to evaluate us before committing to our program, and for us to check out our new potential trainees as we can not except every applicant due to the high demand. This also gives you a chance to check out other schools, compare and decide what is the best school for you as not every one has the same training needs.


There are a lot of British wrestling companies that have talent from overseas being booked onto their shows; it gives the promotion a much needed recognised face to help advertise their show in order to attract as many fans as possible through the doors.

Former WWE wrestler Hardcore Holly is one of Varsity Pro Wrestling’s biggest stars but whereas most talent coming onto these shores just wrestling for the company, he has a massive hand in the development of young talent at VPW’s School of Excellence.

“I was asked if I would hold a training seminar, I did and enjoyed it. The students really applied themselves, if they didn’t I wouldn’t waste my time doing it. They really took an interest in wanting to learn and getting better.”

Holly has a very direct approach with training believing that getting into the ring to show the young rookies how it is done is the best method of helping them learn.

“You can tell somebody all day long but until they actually do it they won’t know how it’s done or how it’s supposed to be done. You can’t talk somebody through it, or give them a mental image of how it is meant to be done they have to physically do it.

“I don’t just stand outside the ring and instruct them I get in there because I have a passion for what I do.

“If they don’t see that passion in me and feel like I’m not bothered with training them, they won’t want to be there. I am still learning, even though those guys maybe green they may do something I might learn. You just never know.”

The former WWE Tag Team Champion has been asked to wrestle and to take training seminars all over the world but he shows loyalty to VPW.



“It is a first class promotion.” Exclaims Holly, “They gear everything they do towards the fans, take pride in the talent that they have and don’t just put anybody out there to wrestle.

“Everybody is critiqued night after night; The UK Kid won’t let anybody from the school into the ring, in front of people until he feels they are ready and to me that is very important.

“VPW is a company that gives people opportunities to become wrestlers and they want to see people succeed, if wrestlers come out of VPW and get booked elsewhere then that makes the school look good, the company look good and the UK Kid look good for training them.”  

Over the years Holly has seen a lot of wrestling promoters push talent who haven’t deserved their position, giving wrestling fans the best show with the best talent possible is something he is passionate about.

“Other promoters I have worked for just don’t care about what talent they show, they are only worried about what they are bringing in at the door. They don’t try and critique the talent working for them or give them tips. They go out there and just do whatever and that’s not how it is in VPW.

“The UK Kid is a very good trainer and booker, he is one of the few guys I know who actually can go out there and knows how to wrestle, he knows how to go out there and put on a match and tell a story. Nowadays people like that are few and far between, The UK Kid has what it takes to make it and yeah his size hurts him but other than that he has what it takes.

“If I was a wrestler just coming in I would want him to train me. I’m not saying that because I work for VPW I call it like I see it. He is that damn good.”

The former Hardcore Champion whose tenure with the WWE ended in 2008 was a part of the companies ‘attitude’ era of the late 1990’s which targeted the young male adult demographic with nudity and swearing to make the WWE more popular than ever before.

Holly now believes that wrestling should be more family orientated and this is what VPW is catering for perfectly.

“It’s a family friendly show. It’s catered to every one of all ages and it’s important to do that so everyone can come and enjoy it. There is always a good entertaining story going on which will give people a reason to come back and watch another show.”

“My goal with VPW is that I am there to help the company.” States Holly, “I want to see the company become successful, The UK Kid works his ass off for that company and there is constant work that goes into a show. In those two or three months that the company isn’t running a show, he is constantly working on trying to promote and advertise the next show the best he can.

“I don’t care if I make a dime from that company or not I just want that Company to succeed.”

Bob Holly talks in detail about the VPW School of excellence :